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Life is a Balance Between Holding on and Letting Go


About Me

Casandra Arevalo LICSW is a bicultural social worker trained in EMDR. She is committed to providing trauma-informed and culturally empathic services to those who have experienced complex traumas. Casandra also focuses on advocating for racial justice within marginalized communities. Her experience as a social worker spans across many functions including the children and family welfare system, hospitals, and more recently Boston's education system.


She received her BA degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from George Mason University, and her Masters in Social Work from Salem State University.


When she's not working, Casandra enjoys traveling to experience new cultures, diving into a romantic novel, and taking her dog on long walks. 


Specializing in Culturally Empathetic, Relational Therapy and Trauma Informed Care

Cultural Empathy

Cultural empathy is a fundamental component of my practice, based on responsive practices that will support the growth of our therapeutic relationship. 

Relational Therapy

Let's Relate! 

Trauma Informed Care

I got trauma. You got trauma. Let's talk trauma. 

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